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resource council

The mission of the Resource Council is to connect the Foundation to the community and to promote the organization's projects in the park. By participating, committee members widen the reach of Grand Teton National Park Foundation, creating a better communication channel between Grand Teton National Park and its local and national constituents.

Don Alsted
Andrea Bent
Meriam Calabria
Max C. Chapman, Jr.
Natalie Clark
Colby Cox
Jeff Hanson
Ron Harrison
Jean Hocker
Clay & Shay James
Molly Kelly
Chuck Koob
Alison Lee
Phil Leeds
Jenny Mayfield
Ed & Lee Riddell
Catherine Marcus Rose
James E. Ryan
Robert B. Smith
Susan Thomas
John Turner
Kelly Walker
Celia & Rob Wallace
Kevin Warsh
Shawn Whitman
Jeff Willemain
Scott Williams
Terry Winchell

Grand Teton National Park Foundation is also led by an accomplished Board of Directors and exceptional staff.

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