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What is Grand Teton National Park Foundation?
A private, nonprofit organization established in 1997 to raise funds for projects that enhance and protect Grand Teton National Park's cultural, historic, and natural resources.

What are Grand Teton National Park Foundationís priorities and how are they determined?
The Foundation worked with the park to identify priorities through 2018. In addition to the visitor center and the high-tech auditorium, current projects include: wildlife research and protection, climate change research, teen trail crews, a multicultural youth program, and an upcoming large-scale trail restoration campaign.

Why donít entrance fees cover the costs of operating the park? Why does Grand Teton National Park need private philanthropy in addition to tax dollars?
Infrastructure and operations are provided for through congressional appropriations. As one of over 390 National Park Service units, Grand Teton competes for these limited funds along with all of the nationís parks.

Private philanthropy funds improvements, critical research, and programs that enhance visitorsí experiences. These gifts elevate special park initiatives beyond the realm of appropriations and enable special projects that would otherwise not be done.

Does the Foundation receive federal funding for operations? How are private funds raised?
The Foundation does not receive federal funding. The organization receives gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporations and also competes for private-sector grants.

Why build a new visitor center?
The Moose Visitor Center was constructed in 1961 and could no longer adequately serve the number of annual visitors. The facility was overcrowded, noisy, lacked appropriate ventilation, and did not meet current seismic safety standards.

What was the Foundationís role in facilitating a new visitor center?
When the park was unable to secure sufficient federal funding to cover the cost of building a new facility, the Foundation launched a capital fundraising campaign to generate the additional funds. The $21.6 million visitor center was built with an $8 million congressional appropriation and $13.6 million in private-sector gifts.

The $3.2 million auditorium addition, scheduled to open in spring 2011, is 100% privately funded.

Is the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center a sustainable building?
The building was designed to silver LEED standards; however, the building is not officially certified due to the additional $250,000 certification cost. Sustainable features include: Low-E glass; recycled countertops, partitions, and carpet; radiant concrete slabs warmed by low-temperature water; ENERGY STAR-rated appliances; and waterless urinals and low-flow toilets.

Why does the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center need an auditorium?
Currently, there is no appropriate venue in the visitor center for audio-visual presentations, such as the parkís Discovery documentary, or for lectures and interpretive programs. Tour and convention groups, schools, and community organizations also need space for special programming.

What is next on the Foundationís horizon?
Bear boxes and wildlife research continue to resonate with donors. A large-scale trail campaign will soon begin to address erosion and other impact issues on the parkís most popular routes. Youth programs are also a favorite with the organization as upcoming generations will eventually steward our wilderness areas and make decisions about the future of our parks. Introducing technology into the park experience will also play a role in Grand Teton's efforts to reach out to a younger audience. Maud Nobleís cabin and Mormon Row need attention and interpretation, and the Colter Bay Indian Arts Museum is a high priority, too.

Where can I find governing documents?
The Foundation's most recent 990 and audited financials, can be accessed online. Additional governing documents and original organizing documents are available upon request.

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